How Can I Use the Location Filter Efficiently?

Twitter Account Location based on the ‘home’ location provided by the user in their public profile. This is a free-form character field and may or may not contain metadata that can be geo-referenced.

For example; Sometimes the Twitter users can write "USA", "US" or "The US". Also users can also write city names without indicating countries in short or an extension way like "New York, NY", "NYC", "NY", "Trenton, NJ", "Paris", "London" etc. Even some typos are also possible like "Newyork" instead of "New York". The text you're writing on Circleboom Location Filter should match exactly with what users put their location info.

If you didn't get the result on Circleboom Smart Search, then, you should change the text written on the location filter. We should think with the user's perspective since the location data on Twitter is not drop-down menu selection, Users can write whatever they want on their location info. Even some users write "my sweat home". We're also working to find more smart ways to list more accurate results on location search.

In the meantime, you can also use Grid Power Search for location filter. Try to use the hashtag/keyword search, and after sorting accounts on Grid, try to use Grid Power Search.

The Grid” has its own ” Grid Power Search.” Just enter your search term into “Grid Power Search Text box” located upper right corner of the grid. We filter out the search results to find what you want. The search happens as you type. The grid search only filters out the items which are visible on the current page.