Do You Have Bulk/Mass or Automated Unfollow and Follow?
Some of our users ask why we do not allow bulk / automated follow and bulk /automated unfollow actions on Circleboom? Indeed, this is beyond our will and literally against Twitter’s rules and policies.
Since 2013, Twitter has been announcing that it would no longer allow third parties to use Twitter’s API to do bulk follow or bulk unfollow Twitter accounts. Twitter does not permit any automated or bulk following or unfollowing behavior to protect their platform from spammy behavior.
When you search the internet, you may come upon some applications which provide bulk follow or bulk unfollow features regardless of Twitter’s rules & policies. That's why we don't offer any bulk update modules or abusing bots.
Please note that Twitter monitors all accounts for aggressive or automated following and unfollowing churn and takes actions against both users and applications who try to abuse the system and usually bans or suspends them. That’s why we strongly advise not to use that kind of unauthorized applications or tools.
Please refer to our blog post for details.
Last modified 7mo ago
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