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My account is suspended, what should I do?
Aggressive use of following and unfollowing methods to gain more followers is defined as aggressive behavior, and such actions are forbidden by Twitter.
Like all services out there, Twitter has its own rules & policies those bind everyone. As Twitter users, all we need to do is to follow directives on Twitter Rules & Policies.
When your account got suspended by Twitter, check your inbox for account suspension email by Twitter and follow their instructions. Account locking out issues happens regardless of the app you use, whether you use the Twitter website or an application like Circleboom.
If you do not receive an e-mail, you can also appeal for suspension here: https://help.twitter.com/forms/general
Disappearing of all of your friends happens when Twitter temporarily locks a Twitter account. Once the account owner proves, all friends and followers show up again on the profile page.
Twitter suspends users’ accounts from time to time when they do an aggressive follow churn as mentioned on Circleboom and Twitter Rules:
"What is aggressive follow churn? If you decide to follow someone and then change your mind later, you can visit the person’s profile page and unfollow them. Aggressive follow churn is when an account repeatedly follows and then unfollows a large number of Twitter accounts. That may be done to get lots of people to notice them, to circumvent a Twitter limit, or to change their follower-to-following ratio. These behaviors negatively impact the Twitter experience for other people, are common spam tactics, and may lead to account suspension. "
Twitter’s rules bind everyone. What we suggest is to keep your CB account, and use it with nonaggressive intent to strengthen it; otherwise, Twitter may suspend your Twitter account again, and you may have to talk them down to re-open your Twitter account.
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