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How to download my Twitter history archive
Delete Your Twitter History Archive Upload your tweet archive, filter your tweets, and delete your Twitter history. We automatically delete your tweet history for you. You can delete your old tweets, replies, and retweets all at once. Click here to start now!

Open up the Twitter Account page

    Use your favorite browser to open the Twitter homepage.
    Click on the More menu located on the left panel of your Twitter page
    Click on Settings and privacy
    Click on Your Twitter Data under Data and permissions
    You'll be required to enter your Twitter password to access your Twitter data page.
Click on the button named Request archive once you've successfully verified your password.
    When you request your archive, Twitter will prepare a ZIP file with the information most relevant to your account, including all Tweets, images, videos you've shared (includes Retweeted ones too) and send you an email when it is ready.
    Check your e-mail you used to signup with Twitter.
    Click on the download link in the email Twitter sent you. This link will take you to your archive file's download page.
    Once you open up the Download or view data page, click on the button named Download data
    Once you downloaded your archive file, extract it to a folder and look for the file named Tweet.js in the folder.
    Now, you can delete your old tweets, replies and retweets separately or delete all tweets at once. Even you can delete your old Tweets based on their "Sent Date": Click here to start
Last modified 2mo ago