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Image, GIF, video file limitations and scheduling tweet rules
Circleboom's Schedule Tweet module is available to everyone, including Free-Plan users. You can conveniently schedule your Tweets to a later date, and you may add up to 4 photos, 1 animated GIF or 1 video in a Tweet.
Twitter has taken additional action to keep Twitter free from spam. Specifically, they have introduced new rules around automation and the use of multiple accounts.
In short, Spam has been an issue on Twitter for a long time, and you might recognize this common type of spam:
"A single account posting identical (or almost identical) tweets." The Twitter Rules prohibit posting duplicative or substantially similar content — both on one account and across multiple accounts. Twitter might suspend your account if you fail to comply.
With the new Twitter rules (https://blog.twitter.com/developer/en_us/topics/tips/2018/automation-and-the-use-of-multiple-accounts.html), it’ll be best to avoid tweeting the same content. We would recommend modifying the text or multimedia whenever you want to re-use your top content
Like all services out there, Twitter's media upload services have some limitations, including file sizes and file types. According to Twitter docs;

Image files:

    Supported image media types: JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP
    Image size <= 5 MB, animated GIF size <= 15 MB

Animated GIF:

    Resolution should be <= 1280x1080 (width x height)
    Number of frames <= 350
    Number of pixels (width * height * num_frames) <= 300 million
    File size <= 15Mb

Video File:

    Recommended Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (landscape or portrait), 1:1 (square)
    Frame rate must be 60 FPS or less
    Dimensions must be between 32x32 and 1280x1024
    File size must not exceed 512 MB
    Duration must be between 0.5 seconds and 140 seconds
Pro Tip: You can refer to Twitter's "Media Best Practices" article to improve your Media Tweet success rates.
Last modified 4mo ago