How can I convert my Blacklist to a Twitter List

The Blacklist protects you to follow unwanted profiles accidentally. By default, we exclude the blacklist results from the searches unless you say so.

While we're protecting you from making mistakes, you may want to take a peek about what they’re sharing on Twitter, right? To do that, the best way is sending them to a Twitter list and checking what they're sharing every once in a while.

To convert your Blacklist to Twitter lists;

  1. Go to your Blacklist page by navigating to

  2. Select the accounts you want to add to a Twitter list

  3. Click on the "Blue button" with the text Add selected to Twitter List

  4. Create a new Twitter List or add to an existing one.

1- Up to 100 profiles can be added to a Twitter List each time. 2- The list created here will be set as Private. 3- You can manage your Twitter Lists on your Twitter Account page.