How to download my Twitter history archive

Open up the Twitter Account page

  • Use your favorite browser to open Twitter homepage.

  • Click on the More menu located on the left panel of your Twitter page

  • Click on Settings and privacy

  • Click on Your Twitter Data under Data and permissions

  • You'll required to enter your Twitter password to access to your Twitter data page.

  • Click on the button named Request archive once you've successfully verified your password.

  • When you request your archive, Twitter will prepare a ZIP file with the information most relevant to your account including all Tweets, images, videos you've shared (includes Retweeted ones too) and send you an email when it is ready.

  • Check your email you used to signup with Twitter.

  • Click on the download link in the email Twitter sent you. This link will take you to your archive file's download page.

  • Once you open up the Download or view data page, click on the button named Download data

  • Once you downloaded your archive file, extract it to a folder and look for the file named Tweet.js in the folder.