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HOMETWITTER TOOLHow long would it take to remove my followers?

How long would it take to remove my followers?

You can request to remove as many followers as at once, and we'll queue your requests to process them in a timely manner prioritizing your account safety.

Once you want to remove your followers, you can visit the "All my followers" tool under the Search menu, and click on the "remove selected followers" button after selecting unwanted followers.


Once we receive your request to remove followers, those accounts will be queued for the removal process, and they will be processed in a timely and secure manner, which is compliant with Twitter policies. For your account's safety, your followers will be removed one by one, and we will leave a short time before moving forward to delete the next follower.

You can order to remove as many followers at once, and we'll be removing 250 accounts per day and 7500 accounts monthly.