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HOMETWITTER TOOLExact Phrase Match in Smart Search Feature

Exact Phrase Match in Smart Search Feature

Circleboom's Smart Search uses sophisticated algorithms to find keywords in users' profiles and the latest Tweet data to produce the most accurate results.

1. When 2 keywords are used, we search these keywords by adding "and" operator between them.


Search: California fire
Becomes: California and fire

Result: Keeping California Informed With Active Fire Updates. #wildfires #california #news

2. When quotes in use, we search the keywords together.


Search: "California fire"

Result: "California Fire News™ - Public Safety Info ☞ Real scoop when you need it! ★ NOT OFFICIAL ALERTS #CAFire #NeverForget"

3. When "not" operator used, we search one of the keywords and strictly eliminate the results, including the keyword after the "not" operator


Search: California and not fire\

Result: "California Half Marathons | #Halfmarathons in #California | California Half Marathons on Facebook"

Keyword and location fields support logical operators like “and, and not, or, or not”. You can use them without using quotes as in example 3 above.

The same "logical operators" rule works for the location field also. You would search for something like California or Chicago to find profiles in "California" or in "Chicago".

Using the logical operator in searches takes a little bit more time to produce results rather than making single keyword searches.