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Can I add hashtags and mentions to RSS Tweets

  1. Twitter has serious policies and rules in place to keep manipulation around a subject or a person as minimum as possible. To achieve that, they don’t allow automated hashtags. Manually adding hashtags to Tweets is a common practice and can do no harm, while automated ones may be used for manipulation. More information can be read here on Twitter's blog.
  2. If some hashtags are included in the feed source, that might not be a problem unless it repeats the same hashtags in every post. From a blog writer's standpoint, we think they use different hashtags on each post, and that’d be ok.
  3. We do support most of the feed specs out there, as explained here. If any website including Google tools providing a native feed, we can parse and use it.

Circleboom RSS service regularly checks the feed URLs, and if there is an error at the originating URL, it suspends it for as long as 24h to give enough time to the Feed owners to fix the issue. Circleboom RSS service will automatically recheck it after 24h and will continue to post Tweets if it can get new data from your end.