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What happens when your social account lost connection and how to reconnect it

For several reasons, your social accounts' connection to Circleboom Publish might be lost. That may be caused by an update on your profile or changing your password. In addition, for your security, social networks provide us with authorization tokens that are only valid for a limited time.

When your token (connection of your account) is expired, your scheduled and future posts and RSS feeds may not be posted on your account as expected. This is because your requests are rejected by social media platforms when the token expires.

When connection lost, it is important to reconnect your account to keep your scheduled items posted. Reactivation of your token takes only a few seconds and can be managed through your account settings.

How can one notice the lost connection?

Once Circleboom Publish cannot connect to your social accounts, your scheduled and future posts and RSS feeds will fail as you should give us permission to post on your behalf again.

UnderOutbox & Sent Items of your Circleboom Publish account, a tab for Failed Itemsexists, and your scheduled but failed posts will be shown there. On this screen, you can delete your failed items or retry to post them, after reconnecting your account.

How to reconnect your social account and repost your failed posts

Step 1: Log in to Circleboom Publish and go to Settings using the left-hand menu.

Step 2: Your account whose token is expired will be shown within a red box, and there you can see the "Connection Lost" warning. Click on Reconnect button next to it, and you will be directed to the authorization page of the social platform.

Once you reconnect your connection, you will be directed back to Circleboom Publish.

Step 3: Visit Outbox & Sent Items and repost your failed items, listed under Failed Items.

What happens when your social media account connection is lost?

  • Scheduled posts will fail
  • RSS feeds cannot be posted
  • Your future posts cannot be sent