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Why did social accounts' access tokens expire?

From time to time, your social media profiles may become disconnected. You may see a notification indicating that one or more of your profiles need to update their access token. While this can be frustrating, it is a normal part of keeping your accounts secure.

Your access token/authorization may become invalid due to several reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • Your social media account password has been changed, causing Circleboom to be unable to access your profile with the original credentials.
  • Social media platforms may deactivate access tokens for routine security checks to ensure that you are not accidentally granting access to forgotten applications.
  • The person who connected the social media account to Circleboom Publish may no longer have administrator access to the account, resulting in your profile being unable to manage the page.

Each social media platform has its own policies on access tokens and their expiration dates.


Twitter does not typically require frequent reconnections due to its security policies, and therefore Twitter access tokens do not have specific expiration dates. Your Twitter account may become disconnected due to duplicate content or spammy behavior.

Facebook and Instagram

Instagram and Facebook accounts generally require more attention, as Meta states that access tokens usually have a lifespan of around 60 days, even though this can vary. In addition to the time-specific expiration dates, access tokens may also expire due to publishing identical posts to multiple accounts at the same time, detecting multiple IP addresses logging into your account, or frequently logging in and out of different accounts.


LinkedIn access tokens must be reconnected every 60 days. In addition to the planned expiration of access tokens, you may also need to reconnect your LinkedIn profile if you are publishing identical posts to multiple LinkedIn accounts at the same time or if you no longer have admin access to the LinkedIn page.