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Troubleshooting failed Instagram posts and connection problems

There might a couple of reasons why your Instagram posts scheduled by Circleboom Publish fail.

Wrong Account Type

The most common problem is that your Instagram account type is not suitable for automated posting services, due to Instagram API limitations.

Instagram offers two professional accounts; business accounts and creator accounts. If your account is an ‘Instagram Professional Creator account’ or ‘Instagram Personal account,’ you have to switch it to an ‘Instagram Professional Business account.’ And then reconnect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. Please follow the steps explained in our help article to convert your profile:

If you are unsure about your Instagram account type, here is how you can check it:

Circleboom Authorization in Facebook Business Integrations

Another common problem for failed Instagram posts occurs when you remove Circleboom App authorization in Facebook Business Integrations.

To check if you authorized Circleboom as business integration, please log in to your Facebook account and click on Settings & privacy > Settings on the upper-right corner of the page.

On the left bar, you need to find Business Integrations and click on it. Please make sure that Circleboom is listed among your active business integration.

Please click on View and Edit button, and make sure that all sections are selected before saving your settings.

If you did not authorize the Circleboom app in Facebook Business Integrations yet, you can use Search business integration bar and add Circleboom to your active business integrations.

Troubleshooting Instagram account connection problems

Review your account connection between Instagram and Facebook

If you changed your personal profile to a business account, you need to connect it to a Facebook page to be able to use scheduling services, even if you are not planning to post for the Facebook page.

Each time you switch from a personal profile to a professional one, you need to review your account connection to make sure that your Instagram business account is associated with a Facebook page.

If you experience a problem related to account connection between Meta platforms, on Facebook page settings, you will also notice the reconnect screen:

This may also help to troubleshoot:

  • Log in to the same Facebook account you previously connected to your Instagram account.
  • Add your Facebook Page connected to your Instagram Account to Circleboom Publish first. After adding your Facebook page, try adding your Instagram account again.

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