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Connect an RSS feed

You can easily connect RSS feeds to send posts on your social accounts whenever new content is published.

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Step 1: Log in to Circleboom Publish and click on Connect RSS Feeds on the bar shown left.

Step 2: Click on Add an RSS Feed Now on the new page. If you had some other RSS feeds connected to social accounts via Circleboom, it would also be shown there.

You can change the settings of your connected RSS feeds or delete them after clicking on the Edit button on the above-shared screen.

Step 3: Select the social accounts that you want to connect with the RSS feed.

Step 4: Create your own RSS feed collection recipe. When you write down the RSS Feed URL, we will immediately check it and inform you whether it is valid or not. You can also add a text to start or end with, adjust the frequency of checking the feed and max posts per update.

Step 5: Once you adjusted the settings as you desired, click on +Add an RSS Feed. From now on, we will take care of the rest and keep posting from the feed.

Circleboom RSS service regularly checks the feed URLs, and if there is an error at the originating URL, it suspends it for as long as 24h to give enough time to the Feed owners to fix the issue. Circleboom RSS service will automatically recheck it after 24h and will continue to post Tweets if it can get new data from your end.

Please refer to our blog "How to add RSS feeds to Twitter: Auto Post RSS to Twitter in seconds!" to make most of Circleboom's RSS feature.