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HOMETWITTER TOOLCan I change my child accounts with a new one?

Can I change my child accounts with a new one?

Child Accounts feature is only available for Enterprise Plan subscribers. Circleboomers who previously subscribed to the Multi Plan can continue using the Child account feature.

You can't change your child account with another Twitter account unless you haven’t used your current child account on Circleboom beyond our free tier's limits.

If you need to manage more Twitter accounts with Circleboom Twitter, our annual prices are coming up to a 50% discount. Most of our subscribers are permanent and long-term users, and we want to offer even more affordable prices for them.

If you have short-term clients, you can't benefit from our annual price advantages. That's why we don't support changing the child accounts with a new one.

While we're offering more affordable prices for annual subscriptions, we're also keeping our monthly prices on a reasonable level.

Agencies can prefer a monthly subscription, and at the end of the term (1 month), if they want, it's possible to end their subscription and create a new one with new clients.