What is Circleboom?

Circleboom is a social media account management web application that focuses on Twitter account management. Circleboom helps the users to strengthen and grow their social media accounts by providing a set of tools including follow tools, unfollow tools, RSS feeds module, scheduled posts module, and in-depth analytics.


Circleboom created and developed in the US and launched its public beta in late December 2017. This beta was featuring Follow tools, Unfollow tools, a basic scheduling module and account analytics.


Circleboom is a US-based company based in NJ, USA.

The Product Circleboom has 4 main modules;

Pricing Plans As of Dec 2018

Circleboom has 5 pricing tiers; always-free-tier, Pro-pack, Multi, Business and Corporate pack.

Free Tier

  1. Publish

  2. My Tweets

  3. Twitter Search Tool

  4. Twitter Circle tool

  5. Twitter Analytics

Free Tier subscription helps the user to manage 1 profile with some limitations. Basically, it gives access to each Circleboom module except analytics.


Circleboom's pro-pack is an upgrade to Free Tier and enables the user to manage 1 social media profile without functional limitations unless it is forbidden by Twitter's rules and policies.


  1. My Tweets module provides tools for delete all tweets, Twitter likes, retweets and Twitter archive history

  2. Twitter Search Tool helps the user to find new followers based on tastes, tags or other filters. This module also provides a Black-List submodule to protects you to follow unwanted profiles accidentally. Follow module also covers Smart Search and Hashtag/Keywords Search features. Particularly, Smart Search is one of the sophisticated yet fundamental tools in Circleboom

  3. Twitter Circle Tool makes the user understand who are the fake/spam accounts, inactive ones, eggheads (the Twitter profiles without a profile picture which means they're not using Twitter and not worth to follow) and too active accounts. This module also provides a White-List submodule to prevent unwanted unfollow actions.

  4. Publish: You can use publish tool to save time by automating your content. We’ve curated more than a thousand blogs and websites and filed them in more than 300 categories. Once you select your areas of interest, you can post your articles immediately to Twitter, you may schedule them to a future date, and even more, you can put them into a Queue and call it a day or month.

  5. Twitter Analytics provides some but not very technical stats about the account.

Business and Corporate Pack

Circleboom has 2 subscription plans for SMBs and Larger Businesses. Business-20 and Corporate-50. You can manage 20 (SMBs) or 50 (Corporate) profiles without limitations.

Due to Twitter's limitations for tweets per day, the only limitation in pro-pack, Multi-pack, Business and Corporate Pack is; RSS Tweets module only supports up to 2,400 posts per day per profile.

The multi-pack pricing tier especially targets business consumers who need to manage more than 1 profile. It enables the user to connect up to 4 sub-accounts (In total, 5 with the master account).

Like the Pro-pack, Multi-pack, Business and Corporate come without functional limitations unless it is forbidden by Twitter's rules and policies.

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