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Posting Limits at a Glance

To prevent abuse and ensure service stability, all requests are rate limited by their respective platforms. Rate limits specify the maximum number of Post creations that can be made in a given period.

In addition to the below-listed limits, some platforms may enforce user-based limits. All these limits we posted below are generic limits announced by platforms, and they don't show any user-specific limits they might (not) enforce.

Post Limits200 posts per 15 minutes200 posts per hour25 posts per day, carousels count as a single post200 posts per day100 posts per minute, including boards and pins

In addition to the Rate limits we documented above, platforms have set different policies regarding media and text you can use in your posts. Please visit our help page for more information on media and text limits of platforms:

When you schedule Instagram Videos and Reels, you should also follow Instagram-specific specifications we list on the following help page:

Last but not least, Circleboom has its own media and text limitations which you take into consideration while posting: